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We offer the following support packages:​ Silver Gold Platinum

How do you treat your Zoho?

It can happen in a relationship that we become upset because our partner is not fulfilling our wishes. But if we take them out on a nice date, ask them how their day was, leaving a “good day” note, this is very unlikely to happen. Same with your Zoho- does it do what you want it to do?
Have you invested in its fine-tuning, in its automation? Having your Zoho set up correctly and have it loaded with the right automation, can improve your relationship with your Zoho tremendously.
Then, instead of keep on doing all those manual boring repeated assignments, you can truly focus on the 20% of your customers that get’s you 80% of your income, all in half the time!
Zoho can do all those things for you with full personalization and all you will need to do is to supervise it on a high level instead of initiating all those tedious processes manually.
Pick a Support Package and the unused hours will be accumulated to future support & enhancements, with no expiration!

Here is an example of how it works:

You are on a Gold Support Package. You had it for six months, and you used only 13 hours out of the 18 you paid for. We will set a periodic Go Biz IT Health Check to your system, where we will check how you use your system and evaluate your pain points and the developments in your business process.

Fixing the new issues that you face will take 4 hours. You will not need to pay any extra money as you already paid for those 4 hours and those hours will never expire. The extra last one hour will be used later to fix any other issue that may pop up later or for adding new feature and additional functionalities of your Zoho One.

Your subscription will get access to our, customer service portal, where you can check the status of your calls together with a dedicated email that grants you access to our expedited SLA support (see details below). 

Number of
Monthly hours
Monthly Costs
(GST exc)

While being on our support packages
you will also get SLA time response:
Platinum-6 hrs, Gold- 24 hrs,
Silver-2 days

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